A Guide to Knowing When You Need Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Services in Los AngelesCouples generally enter into a relationship with high hopes of finding “the one” who will be with them until the end. As so, they are often afraid of going to couples counseling because they think that going to a counseling session is the end to the “happy-ever-after”. However, the reality is that if partners do not go to couples counseling when problems begin to arise, the chances of finding themselves growing even further apart become even greater.

As a leading Los Angeles marriage and couples counselor with offices in Santa Monica and Burbank, CA, I offer counseling services to couples living throughout the Los Angeles area. If you believe that your relationship is in trouble and would like to discover if couples counseling can help, contact me now online or by phone.

When Can Couples Counseling Help?

For each couple, the situations and warning signs may be different. However, there are generally some common issues that may signify a problem in a relationship. When you recognize these problems, marriage or couples counseling may be able to help. The following are some of the common problems and signs that you and your partner can benefit from couples counseling:

  1. When the gap in communication starts to grow: Trouble in a relationship often begins with the failure to communicate openly and honestly.  Couples often get stuck focusing on the content of what they are trying to say rather than how they are communicating.  Couples counseling is a good venue to address your difficulties when it comes to communicating with your partner. Interpersonal conversation is not limited to what you did during the day or how are things going at school with the children. If conversations beyond these topics start to become difficult, then you may need to see a couples’ counselor.
  2. When conversations focus only on the negative: Talking about what is wrong in a relationship is healthy, if done the right way. However, when feelings of hurt and resentment become the overall theme in a relationship and influence all conversations, then it might be time for you to seek couples counseling. Negative emotions cause individuals to withdraw, remain silent, or develop a fear to talk. Seeking the help of an expert can help you steer your conversation towards building a relationship rather than putting each other down.
  3. When you would rather keep things a secret than share: There is still certain degree of privacy that should be involved even in a relationship; but if you start to feel that you should be keeping more to yourself than sharing with your partner, then couples counseling might be needed. Oftentimes, hiding something signifies a trust issue—either with yourself or with your partner. Opening up that trust over time is essential for a lasting relationship.
  4. When the struggles of your relationship begin having an effect on work and/or family: In many cases, disagreements and miscommunication in your relationship can spill over to influence other areas of your life as well. If discord at home begins to negatively impact your work or affects your ability to spend and enjoy quality time with your family, these can be signs that you may benefit from couples counseling.
  5. When you continually revisit painful issues from the past: Reliving and obsessing over what happened in the past over and over again without a sense of healing means that there are still unresolved issues between you and your partner. When conversations tend to revolve around what the other has done wrong and fights from the past, this will often go on until issues are addressed and resolved in couples counseling.
  6. When you find yourself saying “if only…”: “If only she/he would change” is a phrase that can cause a lot of heartache and pain. One person wishes that the other will change; the other person believes that there is nothing to change. More often than not, both end up getting frustrated. Couples counseling will help you and your partner set healthy expectations about each other.

Learn More About Couples Counseling Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Couples Counseling & TherapyIf you find yourself facing any of the issues above or you are simply unhappy with the current state of your relationship, couples counseling may be the answer. While some relationship concerns can be resolved by the partners themselves, often it requires the help and guidance of a professional to fully address the underlying problems in a relationship.

If you are looking for marriage and couples counseling services in Los Angeles in the areas of Santa Monica and Burbank, CA, I can help. Having worked with couples and families in all stages of their lives throughout the Los Angeles area, I bring a diverse background of experience to the table. You may not know the exact reasons why you need therapy, but if you have ever asked yourself, “Do we need couples counseling?” then consider giving me a call today to turn things around.