Individual Therapy

individualLife often brings about a host of challenges.  Whether it’s a struggling relationship, sense of loneliness, job dissatisfaction or a life long struggle that has never been processed though, individual therapy with someone able to take a closer look at what is happening can be life changing.

Entering into therapy is always an important decision that takes courage and commitment.  It also requires that you find a therapist with whom you can open, explore and grow.  I bring over 10 years experience to working with adults and helping them experience their lives differently from the ways they feel consistently stuck.

The foundation of my work is based on Gestalt Therapy, a dynamic, present centered approach that seeks to help a client become more aware of who and how they are in the world.   Gestalt focuses on the here-and-now in session, which makes the therapy alive and vibrant.   In working through an issue, the focus is on building your awareness to the thoughts, feelings and actions involved in whatever issue you bring to the session.  Therapy with me helps you discover blocks in connecting with their friends, families, and even your own self.

The following are some of the issues people often address :

  •  Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Personality Issues
  • Grief/Loss
  • Work struggles and transitions
  • Stage of Life Opportunities
  • Repeated patterns of failed relationships
  • Sexuality

Within the first session, the work to building awareness begins.  Therapy is at its best when it leads us to experience the blocks and resistances we have within us, and give us the environment to work through and change that which holds us back.