The Risks of Becoming the Homework Cop

Young people need to do their homework.  It reinforces the material they are trying to learn in school, but also gives them a sense of structure, perseverance and responsibility.  In fact, in many classes homework is what enables a student to overcome a lousy test grade or reach the final grade they want.  Unfortunately, as many parents know, homework can also become a consistent source of arguing, fighting and resentment in the home. As a former high school teacher I […]

The Value of Service With Teens

If there is one thing I would love every family to make time for it would be the act of doing some form of community service together.  This is especially true if your children have reached adolescence.  Developmentally, teenagers are at a stage where they naturally focus on themselves.  They are discovering who they are in the world and how to be independent.  As a young person begins to see himself as his own person, he must focus on himself […]