Teen Therapy: When to Contact a Teen Therapist

when-you-need-teen-therapy-1Many changes occur in the teenage years, and it can be difficult for a parent to tell what is a typical response to a normal struggle versus an unhealthy behavior needing to be treated. Teen therapy is never an easy topic to get into with your child but it may offer the only solution to difficult and persistent problems.

In the Burbank, Santa Monica, or Los Angeles area, contact me today for advice on how to bring up teen therapy with your child. It may not be an easy conversation, but therapy can be an important step when issues arise.

Teen Therapy: A Guide for Seeking Help

When it comes to teen therapy and counseling, only you and a licensed teen counselor can make the proper decisions about what kind of teen therapy is needed for your child. It is important to seek a counselor who approaches your child’s struggles in a nonjudgmental way, as this is the most effective path to getting a teenager to open up and really seek growth for him or herself.

From abnormal behaviors to emotional struggles, below are some of the signs that you may need to seek help from professional teen therapy for your son or daughter.

Significant Changes in Mood

While most teenagers get a little moody at times, a significant change can be cause for alarm. Changes in mood can include unwarranted sadness, outbursts of anger, withdrawal from family and friends, and in some situations references to self-harm. These symptoms are often a sign of teenage depression and are a sign that teen therapy is needed.

Substance Abuse

In today’s world, teenagers are introduced to drugs and alcohol at an increasingly younger age.  While many can make the choice to say no, some will not.  The key is to address it early.  Research shows that the earlier the abuse is addressed, the easier it is to stop. Any abuse of drugs or alcohol is an immediate concern that should point you to teen therapy.  If left unchecked a problem with drugs or alcohol can become a lifelong condition.

Social Media and Other Online Issues

As every parent knows, there is a whole other world that teens are involved in today. Social Media and online communication takes up much of their time. While sometimes it is harmless and is just another form of staying in contact, in other circumstances it can be a problem. Whether it’s too much time spent on social media, inappropriate content, cyber bullying, or withdrawal from family and friends because of gaming, the problematic issues that arise can be helped in teen therapy.

Lack of Friends or Peer Group

when-you-need-teen-therapy-2Part of what makes the teenage years difficult is the ever-changing status of friends and peer group. This is a very normal evolution that teens go through, in spite of it not always being easy. What is not typical is when a teen doesn’t have any good friends and is spending much of their time alone. This isolation is harmful and warrant having your son or daughter engage in teen therapy to address the issue.

Significant Drop In Grades

All kids struggle with school at some point. However, if your child starts performing significantly lower than you know they are capable of it may be a sign of deeper emotional issues influencing their attitude or ability to focus.  In these circumstances working with a teen therapist with a background in teaching can help to get to underlying issue and turn things around.

Major Changes in Eating, Grooming, Physical Habits

These are often signs of teenage depression and anxiety as well as other issues, and are a good indication that there is problem that requires teen therapy. Other warning signs include physical symptoms like reoccurring stomachaches or headaches that cannot be addressed by your regular physician.

Interest in Seeing a Therapist

Surprisingly, some teens are actually willing to recognize a need for teen therapy. If your child has suggested that he or she is interested in seeing a therapist, you should act immediately. Trust that your teenager may actually know what is going to help them most.

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